Remix Workshop – A head start on a Lily Allen Remix

And the subject (Victim) is….


Lily Allen!  We’re going to have some fun mixing around with her vocal, chopping her instruments, etc.

I’ve already taken a look at some stems, which you’ll be able to find on the FB page, or any other quality shop that carries Remix Stems!!

I started messing around with some ideas.  I started off with some cool modular drum samples from Maschine’s Raw Voltage Library.  Did a little editing, mainly of a pitch envelope on a kick drum.

The chorus synths sound REALLY nice, so I did a couple things with the second half of the chorus part:

1.  I exported the last 8 bars of chorus synths (just to cover all the chords) into a tidy file from Cubase.  Then I dragged that onto a Maschine sound (pad), and chopped it into 32.  That gave me a 1 beat / pad, so 4 pads / chord.  The chord progression repeats, so I have the first 2 chords twice – in the first half and second half of the whole loop.  The last 2 bars stick to an Eb chord, which is sort of a “wildcard” – it doesn’t naturally appear in the F major key that the song is in.

2.  I took the same loop of the chorus synths, and dragged it into Reaktor’s Skanner ensemble.  If you haven’t checked out Skanner, Bluewater VST has a great video on Skanner.  In this instance, I basically found a preset that got me close.  Keep in mind, ALL the sound is being generated based on my chorus sample – so what I’m hearing (EVEN with a preset!) is a completely new sound!  I did a little tweaking, and as Skanner was refusing to activate for me (in spite of my correct serial number!) I simply exported the audio from the track.  Now I don’t have to worry about the MIDI notes from that part again, I have pure audio to work with.  I made sure I was happy with the notes, but for a sound like this, very textural, I don’t feel the need to manipulate notes.  I’d rather manipulate the sound, the texture.   I added some delay to it and moved on.


Finally, I added some (very) low end from Massive, and then recorded some 8th note pulsed texture from the beloved, quirky Meeblip synthesizer.   I added the meeblip, chorus synths and some verb to a group so they could all be side-chained, and ran a feed off the kick to the SC comp for this.

Now things are pumping nicely, I like the funky patterns, and it’s definitely not what you’d first expect hearing her melody.  I’m not as excited about the intro / vs rhythm yet, and the chorus rhythm feels more laid back than I had thought I was aiming for.  I really like it though, so if I work on this more, I’ll perhaps keep it mellow / groovy.


We’re going to look at more ways to remix this LIVE at Phoneticsound Recording Studio.  Details will be on the Edmonton Electronic Music Producers page, and this will just be a local workshop.  If it goes well, we may build a way to do online workshops in the future too!

If you are in Edmonton, you can request to join the Edmonton Electronic Music Producers group on Facebook – it’s a private group, so don’t try if you’re not local.

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If you’re in Edmonton / area, just click here for the registration page:

Eventbrite - The Remix Guide: Starting a remix (Live Workshop!)

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