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Welcome to the Remix Guide!

I put together a quick video to highlight why The Remix Guide exists.  Also, I needed some good music to start / end videos on.


I wanted the video intro to encapsulate the remix philosophy in just a few seconds, so you’ll hear a funk theme as it gets twisted.  This was a blast to make, but there’s lots more to come.  In the meantime stay tuned – I have a remix coming out soon, for which I’ll put a link to on the Remix Guide.

What have you been working on lately?  Do comment, and leave a link to your last remix on Soundcloud if you like.

Remix On.


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How to Make a Great Dubstep or Brostep Remix

How to Make a Great Dubstep or Brostep Remix

The great thing with dubstep, and its American counterpart brostep, is that they are still relatively new genres of music and therefore are constantly having their limits pushed. There are any number of new artists who are trying their hand at dubstep and brostep, and with every new face comes another person who is looking for advice on how to make a great remix. In order to help you get started making the best remix possible, we have come up with a few tips.

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The Remix Guide – Learn How to Remix

You may love remixes, you may hate them, but the fact is: musicians have been playing, tweaking, modifying, and performing each others music since the dawn of music.

The "Re"-mixing Console?

The Re-Mixing Console?

While the term “remix” insinuates a second look at the way a recording has been mixed, modern producers have certainly stretched it.  Many a modern remix could indeed also be called a re-recording, an additional production, a re-produced recording, and even a Re-Imagination of the original tune.

For producers, composers, and musicians it’s really our current form of taking a song we love (or simply wish were recorded better!), and adding our own vision to it.  Here in The Remix Guide we’re going to look more into the techniques of remixing, different types of remixes, and most importantly, the art of producing a remix.

Follow along, and please comment or ask questions!  It will help us provide you with current, relevant content!

Happy Remixing!


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