Take an old idea, and mix it with fresh ears (and an upcoming workshop!)

Found this on the hard drive:

First thought was – who made this, and why is it in my mixdown folder? Sure, I have lots of my own beats in there, but when I work with a client they get their own folder, and all their recordings / beats stay in THEIR folder.

I did a quick search, and sure enough, found the Cubase .cpr project file.  Hearing a few things I thought would improve the tune fast, I went to work on the mix.


You’ll hear the “Audiojungle” watermark on it, as it’s going in the library.  The point of this music for me is to work quickly, and stick to fairly quick techniques and tools.  I did have a bit of fun with the reverbs on this tune.  I believe I used mainly Native Instrument’s RC24 for that, but there may have been another verb (or 2)!  I also used a fair bit of sidechaining – 2 different compressor groups with slightly different settings, depending on how deep of a “pump” I needed for the particular sound(s).



If you’ve got old tunes on your hard drive – don’t be afraid to sit down and have a “listening session” with them.  You may find some gems that just take a little mixing / editing to bring up to your current production standards.

If you want to come out to the studio (and you live in / near Edmonton), check out our Edmonton mixing workshop  coming up! Of course, you can follow us on FB too for the latest.


Have Fun!





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